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The easy way to get help for the daily tasks. Post a task, review applicant, book service.

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Why Helpeasy?

There are variety of tasks we face during our daily life. To walk the dog, clear the snow, pick up/drop off shipment, change tyres, move furniture and many more.

Instead of asking for help from your best friend post the task into our app. It is easy.

Describe your task
Take a picture
Write how much you are ready to pay
Select the distance with whom to share.
Everyone. Well almost everyone. Suits your style

We want to be the next best selection after your best friend. Imagine that there might be a person just 100 meters away who can help you out with the task.

Our help control center will always monitor the tasks and allocate the required people or specialists for your task.


Helpeasy is a fast, efficient and safe way to sort your daily tasks.

The app is free.

You can post a task, review the applicant and book help.

You can select one of the two payment methods: direct or safe. Safe payment goes through our app. This way we ensure that the money is transferred only after completion of the task. You can also choose to pay directly to your helper in cash or by direct payment (PayPal, Revolut, SEB, Google Pay, etc.). Although the platform is free for basic users, we have some premium options.


Manage your bookings, be promoted for tasks in your area, know first about the task in your area, receive notifications, once someone is required help that you can provide.

Emergency task

Once you need help urgently, post an emergency task, it will push notifications to the users in your area and our Help control center will immediately dispatch our call center to source for the help for your task.

Tender option

If you have a task and you still have some time until the accomplishment of this taks, post a tender option with the deadline. Receive applications and select from the best price or from the most trustful helper. You choose.

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